A Transgender Atheist's Challenge


Kayley Whalen writes "Embracing Transgender Equality, Inside and Outside Religious Communities" in the Huffington Post about the need for trans-affirming allies (and LGBT-affirming allies more generally) to be more sensitive to religious diversity, particularly creating space for atheists.

Kayley begins, "While I was marching in DC's Capital Pride this year, a trans ally watching the parade tried handing me a sticker that said 'God Made Me Trans.'"

Showing appreciation for the important role of faith work, as well as concern about continuing anti-atheist discrimination, Kaley goes on, "As an atheist transgender woman, the gracious gesture simultaneously warmed my heart and stirred up a sense of outrage at the assumption that I needed a higher power to validate my gender identity."

Kaley's closing statement points to a vision that Transfaith shares, to "build a just society where people of all genders and of all faiths, or no faith, are embraced as whole individuals worthy of respect and love..."

Read the full article at Huffington Post: Embracing Transgender Equality, Inside and Outside Religious Communities