Academic/Theological Education

Minister Bobbie Jean Baker
Memorial Awards

Academic/Theological Education Category


Educational pursuits include any educational opportunity that will support the applicant's efforts to holistically support the wellness of transgender communities. Examples include:

  • Enrollment in an academic program such as seminary, theological school, Bible college. Does not have to be graduate level course work.

  • Other kinds of formal training in community support services such as mental health, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, suicide prevention.

  • Other kinds of educational endeavors, such as attending a conference or workshop related to the ways they are working with Transgender communities

 Applicants to this category should align with all of the following qualifications:

  1. Have already begun their educational process. That might mean being enrolled in a specific program, but it could also beginning efforts at learning through books, videos, or mentoring that can be extended through this award.

  2. Are active in serving their community through community work, whether in a religious organization or other forms of non-religious service to the community

  3. Are connected enough to Transgender communities to be able to respond and support people of Trans experience when they present themselves

Applicant must be able to support their primary and targeted audiences with regard to their particular niche in community service and or activist/advocacy work.

More About the Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Award

Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Fund

The Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Fund supports the Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Award and the leadership of Transgender women of color.


Minister Bobbie Jean graduated from Pacific School of Religion, class of 2012 in their Theological Education for Leadership program (previously CMS program). She was also a case manager, housing manager, and peer advocate, with certification as an HIV Risk Assessment Counselor and Domestic Violence Specialist.

An example of Minister Bobbie Jean’s theological commitment and presence, shows through in word and song in the video.