Angelica Ross on the Daily Show and HerStory


Angelica Ross, a member of the Transfaith community, is a multi-talented Black trans woman who self-identifies as a “Creative”, for whom creative expression informs and is informed by her devout Buddhist practice. Hers is a long resume, spanning music, blogging, public speaking, acting, and website design amongst others. We were thrilled to see her in the spotlight twice in the month of April.

Angelica was honored with the award for Best Actress at the Transgender Film Festival in held in Kiel, Germany, April 14-17, 2016. She is one of the break-out stars in online series “Her Story,” which also won Best Film of the Year.

On April 6, 2016, Angelica was featured on The Daily Show with Trevor Noahhighlighting Trans Tech Social Enterprises, during an episode focused on transgender issues and experience. Trans Tech Social Enterprises is an organization dedicated to training and leadership development for trans and gender non-conforming people interested in technology.

Angelica explains to Noah from the outset why those services are necessary for transgender people in particular:

There’s a lot of space where we’re just forced out; of school, we’re forced out of work; no place really is safe, especially in certain states, for trans people. So first, we wanted to create a safe space that people could come in and access the internet and computers and trainings, and build their skills for better employment.

Angelica also speaks to the challenges transgender people have in corporate workforces in having to prove their worth:

Sometimes, we’re even working 2, 3, 4 times as hard, just so that someone will give us an opportunity.

Towards the end of the segment as Noah asks for her tips on how to support and educate cis people who want to be better allies, Angelica stresses self education and closer introspection when talking with trans folks:

We in the trans community understand intention more than we understand the words...a lot of people will think they well intentioned, but the impact will be quite different than what their intentions were.

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Angelica is now represented exclusively by Keppler Speakers.