Ms. Carmarion Anderson


Carmarion D. Anderson is a visible trans-identified person who advocates for Inclusion and Social Justice.  Carmarion participates on various committees related to transgender support while offering an educational opportunities to redefine the “T” in Transgender.  Carmarion has a passion to see change in the world.  She’s a dynamite voice that puts “active” in activist.  Carmarion is a well-respected clergy of faith, advocate, and educator.

Carmarion is the Founder and Executive Director of Black Transwomen, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to uplift the voice, heart, and soul of black transwomen.

Carmarion has a Public Health background and employed with a Texas-based training agency as a statewide Training Specialist where she provides trainings on HIV/AIDS, STIs, substance abuse prevention, and mental wellness. Carmarion resides in Austin, Texas and is the proud parent of one son and enjoys spending time with her adorable grandson.

Carmarion also serves on the Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Award Committee.