Developing Trans*Competence: A Guide for Meditation and Retreat Centers

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[See editor’s note re: “trans asterisk” below]

We are excited that My Chance Krempasky and Upāsikā tree will be joining us for a Resource Round up highlighting the ground-breaking 2014 resource, “Developing Trans*Competence: A Guide for Meditation and Retreat Centers” on February 23, 2019 at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific.

The LIVE session will also be recorded and offered on demand through Transfaith Institute. Don’t let a schedule conflict keep you away!


We are collecting $5 per participant because we believe in compensating transgender time and expertise! Chance and tree will receive a portion of every registration.

In the course room and the live video session, you will find:

  • Updated and expanded links to additional resources

  • Reflection questions to help you absorb the insight-dense Guide and identify your own next steps

  • Background on how the Guide came to be

  • Suggestions for how to use the book in your local community and how to follow up afterwards

  • More on what trans*buddhists is up to now

  • Q&A with Chance and tree

“For our second Resource Round Up, we are getting really pragmatic,” says Transfaith Institute coordinator, Chris Paige. “Developing Trans*Competence is wonderfully precise about how a community of practice can become more inclusive of transgender and gender non-conforming folk.”

Published in 2014, the guide remains one of the foremost commentaries on transgender Buddhism. This course is an opportunity to “check in” on how much has (or hasn’t) changed for Buddhists of transgender experience.

“This guide is obviously important for Buddhist trans communities,” says the Rev Louis Mitchell, “but these nuts and bolts questions of inclusion are pretty universal. This is a resource for everyone.”

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Chance is co-author of Developing Trans*Competence and co-founder of trans*buddhists, while Upāsikā tree is a trans elder who was lay-ordained by Maechi Chandra Khonnokyoong in Thailand and took additional upāsikā vows in a historic American Buddhist fellowship in Philadelphia (commonly called AI).

Editor’s Note: “Developing Trans*Competence: A Guide for Meditation and Retreat Centers” was published in 2014, at a time when the “trans asterisk” (trans *) was becoming common usage. We are aware that this usage did not last and do not recommend using “trans*” as a current “best practice.” However, we remain committed to honoring the value of this important resource by using the name it was given by its creators. For further consideration, we appreciate Julia Serano’s insightful exploration of “word sabotage'“ from 2015.