Ms. Elle Hill

I am Elle Hill. I am a black woman of trans experience and I’m dedicated to the equity visibility and inclusivity of all LGBTQIA/QTPOC.

I am currently a public ally placed at Health Connections Inc, a private health clinic that specializes in trans health and STI prevention and treatment. I serve on the boards of 3 state (Wisconsin Department of Health Services) funded prevention/care organizations. I'm also a member of the Black AIDS Institute Ambassadorship of Biomedical Prevention. I have experience as a public speaker and subject matter expert in areas of LGBTQIA health/ Transgender health, safety and social disparities.

I curate a Facebook blog called Coffee and Coke where I regularly promote positive messages, stories, articles, things relevant to Trans and LGBT issues, national issues, hot topics, pop culture and HIV/prevention messaging, It's also a platform where I promote Black AIDS Institute posts, from myself and other ambassadors :

I am also a member and contributor for our Diverse and Resilient Black trans women's support group SHEBA and help to manage this page and curate posts specifically relevant to the Black trans and local Milwaukee community.

I recently received a Rising Star Award for Volunteerism Recipient (BTAC) and I am honored to be a Bobbie Jean Baker Transfaith grantee!

My appearance on local show, MKETableTalk Millennial takeover (May 2019 )

My appearances at Safe Healthy Strong Planned Parenthood Wisconsin's yearly conference (Video #1) (Video #2)