Faithful support for Transgender Active Duty Service Members, Recruits, and Veterans

As the transgender military ban takes effect in the United States, a variety of people are being impacted, including active duty service members, new and potential recruits, veterans and those who might be considering re-enlisting, as well as all those who chose to serve and sacrifice for our (U.S.) nation as spouses and family members.

We are excited that Z Shane Zaldivar will be joining us for our first “Hot Topic” offering insight into how faith and community leaders can best support transgender active duty service members, recruits, and veterans on Monday, April 29, 2019 at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific.

This session with Z Shane Zaldivar will help faith and community leaders to be better prepared to support and counsel those who may be in turmoil (sometimes quietly).

“The transgender military ban has gone into force while lawsuits are still pending,” says Zaldivar. “Everyone is on pins and needles.  What's going to happen in my command today? There are so many unknowns.”

The LIVE session will also be recorded and offered on demand through Transfaith Institute. Don’t let a schedule conflict keep you away!

We are collecting $5 per participant because we believe in compensating transgender time and expertise! Z will receive a portion of every registration.


Z brings cultural competence and experience as a transgender man, a certified peer counselor, and an honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran (under Don't Ask, Don't Tell). Z will help participants sort through the lived realities of the ban and separate politics from practical concerns. Z will share from his experience counseling transgender veterans and family members, so that faith and community leaders can have deeper insight into the ways that faith communities can be more supportive in this time when transgender communities are increasingly battered by political divisiveness.


In addition to this open session, Z is holding private and confidential office hours with those who are directly impacted. If you are interested, please reach out.

Z Shane Zaldivar is an indigenous trans man of color, a community advocate, an ecumenical and non-denominational outreach pastor, and a former Marine. Z is a member of Vet to Vet, Service members, Partners, and Allies for Respect and Tolerance for All (SPARTA), and Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) and was featured in America in Transition Episode 4 (“Called to Serve”).