From Louis Mitchell, Transfaith's Executive Director

It has been my pleasure to serve Transfaith since Chris and I sat together in 2011 to dream of an organization by and for transgender spiritual/cultural workers. I'm excited about this opportunity to carry on what we have begun together in this new role as executive director.

It is my hope that I'll be able to build on our incredible relationships with trans folks and our allies in varying faith, spirit and energetic practices; to reach even more folks who are seeking affirmation, confirmation and support; and to offer more support to agencies, gathering places, denominations and other settings who want to be more informed and better support to trans people.

One of Transfaith's roles, over the years, has been to lift the voices of those too often unseen and unheard in our communities--non-Abrahamic practitioners, people of color, non-binary people, and young people. We will continue to make that work a priority under my leadership.

Often our efforts have been so quietly powerful as to be overlooked by others. You can expect me to work hard celebrating our efforts and increasing our visibility by continuously acknowledging our work and those that perform it. I will be on the road, meeting people, connecting people with others, opening doors for others to have the forums that they've long deserved.

I remain committed to the values of Vitality, Viability and Visibility that we hold so dear. I am also looking to expand our collaborations and impact with like-minded groups and organizations.

I ask your well wishes and support on this journey--and specifically ask your support in volunteering, donating and spreading the word about our upcoming events!

Please reach out and say howdy!  

Louis Mitchell
Executive Director

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