"Injunuity" on Two Spirit


Injunuity is a multi-media, interactive online experience that digs into Native experience. The interactive segment about Two-Spirit experience is available on the Injunity website -- and includes scrolling links that can be clicked to find additional relevant websites. You can also view the experience as a traditional YouTube segment without the links.

In the introduction, it sets the Two Spirit framework apart from traditional European labels,

"Gay and Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender" -- It feels like they are all boxes -- and categories you have to fit into. They can't change. When I learned about "Two Spirit," it felt more natural to me. It felt like it acknowledged more than the surface of somebody's identity. I feel like it encompasses also a way of carrying yourself in the world.

The conversation is somewhat more explicit about exploring "gay and lesbian" experience than gender experience. But it also gives a wonderful segment of encouragement,

Young people who are just exploring who they are. I want you to remember that there are some tribes out there that didn't even call you a specific gender, until you decided what that is. I want you to know that you are empowered and that anything that you may go through, you can overcome. You have the strength. You are valuable and you belong here.

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