Ms. Malaysia Walker


Malaysia Walker was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, who now resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is very familiar with many obstacles faced by the transgender communities in the South.

Her passion for equality, respect, and acknowledgement of the issues faced in the transgender/gender non-conforming community is the driving force behind her advocacy, and her reasoning behind the development of S.U.H.U. (See Us Hear Us), an opportunity to educate communities on disparities faced throughout our transgender and GNC populations.

“The only way to truly understand the struggle is to hear from those who are struggling.”

Malaysia is one of the inaugural recipients of the Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Award (2019).

Award Acceptance for Malaysia Walker

A staunch advocate and role model, Minister Bobbie Jean Baker worked with trans women overcoming substance abuse, homelessness and more. In memory of Minister Bobbie Jean Baker’s robust Christian leadership, the Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Fund, by Transfaith. It is awarded yearly to individuals to supports the leadership of Transgender women of color in Christian faith communities, by Transfaith.

You can find her story in publications such as: Fast Company, The Clarion Ledger, and Freedom for All Americans, just to name a few. Her radio show, entitled S.U.H.U., can also be heard live on WHIV New Orleans 102.3FM.

Malaysia believes that the power of inclusion and equality lies within the transgender communities of color, and is determined to empower those communities with dedication, wisdom, and determination to ensure that all marginalized transgender and gender non-conforming communities can live without fear, while using their voices and experiences as weapons against discrimination and injustice.