Mr. Oriade Harbor


Transfaith Board Member from 2018

Oriade Harbor is a Black, Two-spirited, Queer, Trans- educator, researcher, performance artist, writer, facilitator, criminal justice professional and Priest. He is a weaver, and thus, walks gracefully in these dichotomies.  He hails from the great city of Detroit and currently resides in New York City (Queens). His work as a priest, scholar, artist and justice fighter are infused with notions of race, gender, identity, indigenous technologies and growing up urban- navigating this world through the intersection of the Blues, Ritual, Performance Art, Research, Policing and the voices of the Ancestors. 

Within his faith, he is an initiated Elder in the Dagara tradition of Burkina Faso (West Africa) and an initiated Priest in the Ifa/Yoruba Tradition and believes in faith based theology that is about liberation, community and inclusiveness. He has hosted interfaith dialogues and facilitates workshops regarding the importance of safety and inclusiveness for LGBT folks. He provides spiritual counsel and rituals for individuals and for the community.  His spiritual work and passion revolves around bringing souls back home to the ways of the Ancestors, working with men regarding sacred masculinity, honoring the divine feminine, youth rites of passage/ministry, and working specifically with the Trans* community.

He is an 11-year veteran of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and holds two MA degrees including a Master of Science Degree in Urban Policy and Leadership from Hunter College, with a specialization in criminal justice policy-focusing on the experiences of those in marginalized groups through research, data/evaluation, and policy. He teaches/trains new recruits in the police academy regarding LGBT issues along with other colleagues who are members of the Gay Officers Action League (an NYPD fraternal organization).

Artistically, Oriade conducted a qualitative study focusing on the stories of Transgender men and is currently working on a manuscript to highlight the findings.  He produced his first documentary in 2017 entitled, “Roses of the Diaspora”- a short documentary looking at the validity of Trans Lives-specifically the disparities and violence toward Black Trans Women, while exploring community, religion and policy. 

His research and commitment to inclusiveness, policy, the arts and law enforcement interests have taken him across the globe. He has presented his work at schools, colleges, community organizations, fraternal organizations, and conferences. 

His inspiration: Black Culture. Black History. Black/Brown Babies. Black Love. The Ocean. The Ancestors. Music. Poetry. Justice. Hip-Hop. The Elders. Legacy.


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