PTWC Call for Workshops -- February 1 Deadline

Transfaith community has been a part of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference since its inception. We are honored to be back leading the development of the spirituality track once again in 2019.

Continuing our commitment to bring balance to spiritual, philosophical, and energetic practices as they exist in our communities in our offerings and presenters, we will focus on the following three areas in 2019:

  • Cultivate spiritual wellness and healing within transgender communities in order to support grounded resilience and resistance

  • Truthfully acknowledge oppressive forces both internal and external to transgender communities, including anti-trans bigotry as well as erasure of transgender leadership (incl. specific demographic identities and experiences within transgender leadership)

  • Build capacity within transgender communities to honor and collaborate across diverse spiritual, philosophical, and energetic traditions

Programming will include tradition-specific opportunities (e.g. Shabbat Dinner, Christian worship, Muslim Prayer, Buddhist meditation, Yoga) as well as multi-tradition encounters (e.g. developing a spiritual practice without a faith community, healing from religious trauma, etc).

Please note:

  • 12 Step programming is coordinated by Mazzoni staff

  • Daily yoga and meditation opportunities will be coordinated by Transfaith.

  • Native American/First Nations programming is handled by a separate/sovereign volunteer working group. However, other Indigenous spiritual programming will be coordinated by Transfaith

Are you planning to come to the conference and willing to serve as a host or presenter? Tell us about it!

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