Ms. Sharyn Grayson


Sharyn Grayson is Chief Operations/Financial Officer of the House of GG, Griffin-Gracy Educational Retreat and Historical Center.

During the early years of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Sharyn worked in various administrative and program management roles with several Bay Area nonprofit CBO’s and ASO’s. She has received numerous awards and special commendations for her pioneering HIV program achievements with many organizations and service providers across the country–particularly for her advocacy and representation on behalf of the MTF and FTM Transgender communities, at large. Prior to embracing an illustrious career in social justice and nonprofit community services (which began in 1985), Sharyn taught Business Education classes at: Valley Trade & Technical School, Fresno; and at both Greater Flint OIC and Charles Stewart Mott College, in Flint, Michigan.

Years later (2006), recognizing the need for an expanded focus on innovative projects and services to support Bay Area Transgender residents, Sharyn reorganized her private company operations –whereby the Alameda County Transgender Steering Committee (ACTSc) operations evolved into “Nonprofit & Consumer Services Network” (NPCSN)–now offering a full range of professional business services and resources that support the economic growth, development and sustainability of community-based/grassroots organizations, nonprofit corporations, and small businesses that positively impact the lives of  Transgender persons. She is CEO and Senior Consultant at NPCSN where the new home office is now located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Sharyn is also part of a small, but growing list of minority Transgender women who own and operate businesses across the country.

Her many professional business affiliations and alliances are extended across the U.S. She is a noted public speaker; skilled trainer/facilitator; seasoned nonprofit business development consultant; a successful grant writer; Transgender advocate; and highly respected  ‘elder leader’ among the national LGBTQI neighborhood and healthcare community sectors.

Sharyn also serves on the Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Award Committee.