Social Justice and Community Mobilization

Minister Bobbie Jean Baker
Memorial Awards

Social Justice and Community Mobilization Category


Social justice is equitable distribution of society’s advantages and disadvantages across various areas like economics, environment, education, race, gender, and other causes and manifestations of inequality and oppression. Community mobilization is the ability to organize individuals to group actions to accomplish ends that benefits the whole community.

Applicants to this category should align with the one or more of the following qualifications:

  1. Representing community in the latest legislation affecting marginalized communities.

  2. Having a presence in the activist/advocacy world that speaks to social justice in the political arena. This could include being involved with city council, school systems or government associations, law enforcement, faith spaces and or entities that have a social justice agenda.

  3. Having started or participated in any capacity non-profit, grassroots organizations.

  4. Having participated in fundraising, signature collectivity and/or movements that galvanize action to support Trans leadership, promote awareness, and create real life support mechanisms for community members.

  5. Having collaborations with projects and or events involving established agencies, entities, government or private sector that require civil expression and involvement.

  6. Having led or participate in educational mechanisms such as courses, workshops, trainings, or classes  on the subject of diversity, gender justice or inclusion support.

Applicant must be able to support their primary and targeted audiences with regard to their particular niche in community service and or activist/advocacy work.

More About the Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Award

Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Fund

The Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Fund supports the Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Award and the leadership of Transgender women of color.


Bobbie Jean Baker with Miss Major Griffin-Gracy talking about the status of formerly incarcerated citizens, Transgender women of color, and voter engagement. Full video at

The video shows an example of Minister Bobbie Jean’s efforts on social justice and community mobilization.

She was involved a case manager, housing manager, and peer advocate, with certification as an HIV Risk Assessment Counselor and Domestic Violence Specialist. She was particularly active in supporting formerly incarcerated citizens.