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The Trans and Muslim project is sponsored by Transfaith, in collaboration with Tynan Power, a transgender Muslim activist and faith leader. 

We are currently seeking volunteer leaders and facilitators who would be excited and energized by the opportunity to make connections and build relationships with transgender leadership and allies in Muslim traditions.

Please contact to inquire. Or sign up for email updates about the project.



Transgender Muslims can be traced back to the mukhannath at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and vital communities of transgender Muslims have existed for centuries in Muslim societies in India and Pakistan. Yet wider knowledge of transgender Muslims only began in the late 1980’s and intentional community building in the West took more than a decade longer. 

The formation of Al-Fatiha in 1998 provided the first contemporary opportunity for transgender Muslims in the U.S. to connect with others. The TransMuslims Yahoo email group was one result. With more than 500 members, it has existed for over a decade as an informal place for transgender Muslims to overcome isolation. 

Following the closure of Al-Fatiha, the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity (MASGD) came together in 2011 and has provided important space for organizing and connection, especially at its annual LGBT Muslim Retreat.  The Transgender Muslim Support Network helps transgender Muslims connect on Facebook, and has more than 170 page likes and more than 70 members in a group. 

These existing spaces have made much-needed contributions to reducing isolation and building community online and with LGBTQ Muslims. Yet there remains a need for targeted advocacy and education efforts that address the specific needs of transgender Muslims. The Trans and Muslim project of Transfaith seeks to fulfill that need in service to the vibrant and varied population of transgender Muslims in the U.S.

Trans and Muslim Project is a project of Transfaith. Transfaith is providing fiscal sponsorship, communications infrastructure, and technical support during the founding of this group. The long-term structure (even the name) for the group is yet to be determined.

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