Transcendence Gospel Choir

The Transcendence Gospel Choir is a historic and ground- breaking ministry of the City of Refuge United Church of Christ in San Francisco, CA (now Oakland, CA). Transcendence is the first transgender Gospel choir and was also highlighted in a documentary called The Believers.

The Transcendence Gospel Choir is a music ministry for the transgender community and performs gospel music in worship services, at pride events, and as outreach to the community itself. Recognizing that religion is one of the main weapons used to justify and perpetuate misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and intolerance of diversity, the choir's mission is to challenge those ideas from WITHIN a place of faith. Because transgender people throughout history have played significant roles in spiritual worship, TGC strives to empower that community and reclaim that calling. "We endeavor to demonstrate that the preconceived notion of a bi-polar, heterosexual, hetero-gendered "natural order" is not reflected in the nature of God or the ministry of Jesus Christ. In this way we will challenge intolerance and hatred, transcend boundaries and restore hope to our communities." 

Highlighted: Singing the gospel of Transcendence (San Francisco Chronicle, 2004, by Rona Marech)

Unfortunately, the Whosoever Believes CD is out of print. Look for your collectible version online. Some clips are below and we highly recommend The Believers (2006 movie) as a resource for both personal and group study.


YouTube Playlist

Oh, Happy Day! with Transcendence and the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus