What Transfaith means when we say "Non-Theistic Traditions"

Many spiritual and philosophical traditions do not revere deities or even acknowledge a "higher power." Such traditions have sometimes developed in opposition to theistic religious traditions and others have emerged independently from other sources, such as culture, philosophy, or spiritual practice.

Our Non-Theistic Traditions section seeks to highlight this diverse array of perspectives, recognizing that they may or may not overlap with other traditions, particularly Eastern Traditions and Pagan Traditions.

Transfaith values the strength and clarity that comes from such traditions and perspectives, as a part of our multi-tradition, multi-faith, multi-belief efforts to nurture transgender resilience. 

Transfaith welcomes Non-Theistic Traditions blog pitches and submissions from thinkers and practitioners, including (but not limited to) atheists, agnostics, humanists, skeptics, freethinkers, materialists, naturalists, rationalists, secularists, nontheists, nonbelievers, brights, and nones. We invite you to be in conversation with us about supporting diverse spiritual/cultural workers connected to these traditions. Please be in touch at editors@transfaith.info