Core Values

We believe that the rich diversity of gender experiences is a powerful resource for humanity and we embrace spirituality as an important resource contributing to the health and wholeness of people everywhere. In support of courageous self expression, we are committed to being:

  • Relevant - We prioritize whole people, together with our day to day concerns, lived experience, diverse commitments, strengths and vulnerabilities. Our work is relational and we want to be relevant to the experiences of real people.

  • Positive - We infuse affirmation into our encounters, while encouraging self-determination and mutual respect. We believe that an environment of celebration, generosity, and gratitude, are essential to the work of personal and collective empowerment.

  • Authentic - We recognize that individuals cannot be fully affirmed in isolation from their cultural and community backgrounds. We seek to explore our many differences, crafting solutions that reflect the diversity of human experience.

  • Accessible - We work with sensitivity to the barriers created by an unjust world. We create opportunities that prioritize those who face stigma or prejudice, navigate the world with physical challenges, or struggle with lack of resources, safety, or security.

  • Collaborative - We engage productively in coalition with other groups, projects, and people who share our concerns. We know that this work is not ours alone and seek to cultivate productive working relationships with others.

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