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Help us kick off 2019 with a sense of possibility!

Transfaith is the only transgender-led, people of color helmed, national organization specifically created to address the faith, spirituality, energetic practice needs of trans and gender non-conforming people.

Our work is kaleidoscopic – from confidential emotional and spiritual support for community leaders to offering intra-community communication support to grassroots community members and non-profits seeking to work through intentional diversity. We have local and virtual community offerings, support, training and advocacy in established denominational settings,and  provide trans-centered spiritual programming in largely secular LGBTQ+ conferences and similar spaces. We are constantly centering and advocating for economic sustenance and other resiliency needs for the least resourced in our community!

Much of what we do falls outside of traditional grant funding rubrics and we count on individual and congregational support annually to survive!

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Encourage your faith community to take up a special offering or make an annual gift. Checks can be sent to: Transfaith, 6757 Greene St, Suite 200, Philadelphia PA 19119