Ms Maya Jafer


Maya Jafer is an Actress, Bollywood Dancer, Holistic Dr. & Transgender Advocate. She is a post op. transexual woman from India, now settled in Los Angeles, as an U.S.A. citizen. She has 2 doctorates in Holistic Medicine, the first from Mangalore, Karnataka, India & the 2nd from Seattle, WA, USA. She has over 25 years of training & clinical experience in the Holistic Medicine Field. She experienced a spiritual “re-birth” after having done her ‘Gender Confirmation Surgery’ on February 10th, 2011. She was born & raised in a very strict, orthodox, religious, traditional Muslim family in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. Her family has completely disowned her, due to her Gender Transition from male to a complete woman. Her belief system now is Spiritual, meaning; accepting of all belief systems or lack thereof. Her Buddhist Guru in India, gave her the name “Maya”, which is Buddha’s mother’s name. Her main passion is acting, dancing & advocacy. She hopes to make it “big” in these areas of life. She is also the subject of a multi award winning international documentary feature " Mohammed to Maya". She used to be Mohammed, she is now Maya ! The documentary has a focus on the spiritual, emotional, & physical aspects of her complete gender transition. It was taken around the time of her Gender Confirmation Surgery. Mohammed to Maya has screened in about 55 film festivals around the world. MOHAMMED to MAYA’s trailer is available on YOUTUBE and on its website She is also a co-star on the Golden Globe Award winning, Amazon Original Series ‘TRANSPARENT’. She is also a co-star on the Emmy Nominated, Transparent-Docu Series: ‘THIS IS ME’

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