1999 - The Birth of Transfaith Online

As Mx. Chris Paige was exploring their gender identity, they compiled the limited faith-based resources they were able to find on a free Angelfire website, called “Transfaith Online.”

  • With little to no maintenance, this website would go on the be the #1 Google search result for ‘transgender Christian” by 2007

2007 - Rebirthing into Community Building

By 2007, Mx. Chris Paige was self-employed and developing websites professionally. Spirit moved to present resources to rebuild Transfaith Online on a more sophisticated online system under an inherited 501(c)(3) called the Interfaith Working Group. This effort led to a variety of other invitations and opportunities, which expanded Transfaith’s scope to be much more diverse.

  • In 2009, Mx. Chris co-founded the spirituality track of programming at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference (now renamed Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference).

  • Later in 2009, Mx Chris was and Mr Louis Mitchell met as they both participated in the founding of TransSaints.

2012 - Rebirthing as an Organization

By 2012, Mx. Chris Paige and Mr. Louis Mitchell had shared many frustrations as transgender leaders in the LGBT world. They began to build Transfaith out as a more robust organization committed to multi-tradition, multi-racial, multi-gender community, with Mx Chris as the founding executive director. Mr Louis was focused primarily on his call to Christian ministry, but remained a vital part of the development of Transfaith.

2018 - Renewing Leadership

After 6 years in the role of executive director and with the organizational firmly established, Mx. Chris Paige asked to step down from that role and became Operations Director. The board of directors appointed Mr. Louis Mitchell to become Transfaith’s second executive director. The Rev. Louis Mitchell received his clergy ordination in the United Church of Christ a few months later, with the specific charge to work with Transfaith.

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