New in 2019! Resource Round Up

Transfaith is launching a monthly program highlighting transgender educational resources in 2019. We’re calling it “Resource Round Up.”

“There are good resources out there,” says Chris Paige, who is managing the program as Operations Director. “Some are even free and available online. But once they are 3 months old, they are often lost in the shuffle of newer social media posts.”

Each month, a live session and online classroom will highlight a resource for transgender education. There will be space for questions and crowd-sourcing how to use the resource. The finale will be a live session with someone who developed the resource (or who is otherwise close to it).

“One of the most common questions we get asked at conferences is about what resources to look for,” says Louis Mitchell, Transfaith’s executive director. “I’m excited because this program will help us highlight the quality work that’s been done by, in, and for our community.”

Resource Round Up will be a monthly offering through the Transfaith Institute. A $5 per participant charge will allow Transfaith to compensate the special guests for their time and expertise.

The first Resource Round Up on January 29, 2019 will highlight “Trans-forming the Church: Blessed Bodies and Gender Justice,” a Christian curriculum developed by the Rev Liam Hooper when he was working for the Reconciling Ministries Network.

“Working as an independent theologian, it’s great that I can count on Transfaith to value my time and expertise,” says Rev Liam. “So many people don’t understand that I dedicate a lot of time to this and I have a family to support, like anybody.”

You can nominate resources to be highlighted on the Transfaith website.