Seeking Two Spirit Stories


Special Invitation for Two Spirit communities!

Transfaith wants to hear from Two Spirit* people (and others on Turtle Island and around the world) about your gender experiences and insights. These can be stories of watershed moments, stories of reclamation, or stories of a lifespan.

  • What does Two Spirit* mean to you, in your community, in your language, in your traditions?

  • How does your Two Spirit* identity impact your life – the big things and the small ones?

  • How has your presence as a Two Spirit* person changed the communities you are involved in?

  • How does your experience of gender connect with your indigenous identity?

We believe that there is great power and strength in listening to, and in telling of personal stories. Sharing our stories can be both personally liberating, and hold out an offering of hope to others.

The Transfaith Two Spirit Advisory Council currently (2013) includes Lynn Young (Lakota), Harlan Pruden (Cree), Chief Bob Red Hawk (Lenape), Janis Stacy (Dakota, Cherokee), Rik Fire (Cherokee), and Anna-Sara Fire (Sami).

* We use “Two Spirit” as a broad term of solidarity in the English language, that attempts to incorporate and honor the hundreds of ancient, respectful Native Language terms. We hope that you will use the term or terms that best represent your identity and self-understanding. Transfaith supports the cultural values and ethnic identities of Indigenous peoples regardless of registration status.

See Special Invitation for Two Spirit communities! in PDF format also.

See for the general Transfaith call for articles.

Note: This is the first of many special invitations that we will be making to support the further development of the Transfaith website as a broad-based resource for gender-affirming spiritual vitality.