Two Spirit folks on KBOO Radio


The broadcast, "Two Spirit folks and the Native community," from KBOO Portland, OR (90.7 FM) includes several community members, including Candace Brings Plenty-Wright, Amanda Brings Plenty-Wright, and Se-ah-dom Edmo.

The conversations describes the development of the Portland Two Spirit Society. Candace Brings Plenty-Wright gives an brief explanation of Two Spirit,

Two Spirit is an umbrella term that encompasses LGBTQI as well as genders. It's really fluid. It's really open. It is a term that really lets individuals self-identity -- or even not self-identify...

Currently, there are 564 federally recognized tribes... Each of those tribes has their own culture and their own language and therefore they have their own terminology for what a Two Spirit is or means to them. A lot of those tribes still prefer that... [for instance] The Navaho actually identify third and fourth genders and have their own language for that. A lot of people are sticking with that language and a lot of people do use Two Spirit, which encompasses sexuality, gender, and also a cultural role, which can be differ from just being a gay Native. So there is responsibility within that role and that culture.

She goes on to talk more about typical Two Spirit roles in Native societies.

Se-ah-dom Edmo speaks about the development of the Tribal Equity Toolkit, including about the positive responses from elected tribal leaders. She shared that,

They believe that the homophobia and transphobia that was taught through colonization is something that needs to be rectified and that asserting tribal sovereignity and utilizing our own soverign tribal laws is a tool by which to do that. Demonstrating to our own tribal citizens and the world that we are sovereign tribal communities who accept and affirm all tribal citizens. We heard that message pretty loud and clear that folks are ready to do that.

This broadcast includes regular appeals for support for public radio.

Listen to the full broadcast on the KBOOP website: "Two Spirit folks and the Native community"