Mr. Garrett Garborcauskas

Transfaith Board Member 2016-2017

Garrett is a trans man who was raised in the Roman Catholic Church. His faith journey meandered from Catholicism, to Unitarian Universalism, to the UCC, to the Episcopal Church. Garrett has found a home in the Episcopal Church, and is considering pursing ordination. Garrett grounds his theology strongly within the Liberation Theology mindset, believing that social justice and Christianity go hand-in-hand. Garrett was a Chemistry and Classical Studies double major at Smith College, and currently works as a research scientist at a hospital in Boston. He would like to pursue both a medical degree, and a divinity degree sometime in the future. Although different professions, Garrett views both medicine and religion as ways to serve underprivileged communities. Currently, in addition to his job, Garrett works on educating healthcare providers to become more trans friendly. He is especially passionate about the intersections between race, gender, socioeconomic class, and access to healthcare. In his spare time, Garrett enjoys singing with the Boston Gay Men's Chorus.