NEW Black Trans Prayer Book t-shirts support upcoming creative retreat

Black Trans Prayer Book co-editors, Lady Dane Figueroa and J Mase III, are moving forward full steam ahead as they look to 2019. Through the Black Trans Prayer Book, these two are working hard to ensure the recognition of a theology that centers Black Trans people and decenters transphobic faith practices

“Trans People exist because we have always existed. We hold a distinct connection to ancestor and a precolonized world. Seen as a Gift from the Divine, loved and revered in nearly every Indigenous culture across the world, our link to the realm of spirit, God, and ancestor often afforded us a special place within religious and spiritual spaces,” says Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi.

More than a year in the making, this project is intended to disrupt a very dangerous conversation that often calls into question the very divinity and worthiness of trans people. The organizers received more than 40 applications in the first week of the application form being open. Applications are being received through December 17, 2018.

“I wanted us to stop having to prove that we are holy. We know that being trans is holy. We want folks to question the violence thrown at us on a daily basis,” J Mase III offers.

For folks looking to show off their support for this work of theology and liberation, the co-editors have made available the following t-shirts as part of a fundraiser which read: “Transphobia is a sin” “Transphobia is Haram”, “Trans People are Divine”, and “Trans People Exist Because Our Ancestors Existed”. Click through and get yours before the deadline in the New Year!

Thanks go out to the Borealis Trans Generations Fund, the Effing Foundation, Transgender Justice Funding Project, the Ingersoll Gender Center, and donors like you for making significant contributions to make the creative retreat financially accessible! The t-shirt campaign will help to cover remaining costs.

Transfaith is proud to be a fiscal sponsor of the Black Trans Prayer Book.