There's Still Hope!

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The Reverend Debra Hopkins is one of four inaugural awardees from the Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Award. Rev Hopkins is developing a new non-profit effort in the Charlotte, NC area, called There’s Still Hope!

Debra’s Acceptance Letter

There’s Still Hope! is committed to connecting, equipping, and transforming lives by providing emergency, temporary shelter for transgender adults and survivors of domestic violence. Rev Hopkins is preparing to apply for 501(c)(3) status, but her ministry has already been working since spring of 2018.

Give food to the hungry and care for the homeless
— Isaiah 58:10

There’s Still Hope! provides three to seven days of temporary shelter, two meals per day during the client’s stay, a clean change of clothing, hygienic products, counseling and additional support as needed. Volunteers and local organizations assist in identifying appropriate shelter for clients.

“Our ministry is not only to provide shelter,” says Rev Hopkins, “but also to awaken hope.”


Hopkins is also Pastor of ⛪Essentials for Life Ministries, an online ministry committed to sharing a liberating theological experience based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her ministry emphasizes social concerns for the poor and oppressed, regardless of their beliefs or faith perspective. There’s Still Hope grew out of her commitment to serve her community in practical ways.

There’s Still Hope is a new organization managed by a few passionate volunteers. Financial support will assist in establishing the 501c3 and providing material resources for clients. They are developing partnerships with local (Charlotte, NC) individuals and organizations who can assist with networking clients to local services. This project is also seeking support around branding, website development, and social media. Contact Rev Hopkins at